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NFT Launchpad(Token Listing)
NFT Launchpad is a new model of token issuance pioneered by COSOSWAP and is the core function of COSOSWAP. Its feature is the protection mechanism for users. NFT Launchpad adopts a fair and participatory approach to asset issuance. After the NFT Launchpad ends, the platform will open the user asset protection mechanism, and users can redeem assets.
Listing Exchange
List your tokens on COSOSWAP exchange
Anyone can "list" tokens of any blockchain (currently BSC, ETH, HECO, OEC, SOL chains are supported) on the COSOSWAP exchange. You do not need to contact us or ask permission. You just need to add liquidity to the liquidity pool. Traders can then find and trade your tokens by entering the token's contract address.
Someone forged my tokens! Can you ban it?
Since COSOSWAP is a decentralized exchange based on automatic market making mechanism, we cannot block the trading of any token. We strongly recommend: Make sure the token contract is clearly visible, verifiable on your website, and properly instructs your users on how to safely transact.
When users provide liquidity for your tokens and stake LP tokens on COSOSWAP, they will receive your tokens as a reward for providing liquidity.
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