๐Ÿ’ซToken -COSO NFT

COSO NFT is an NFT token issued by the COSOSWAP platform and is a decentralized blockchain NFT asset based on BSC. The total supply is 5,281, and the circulation is 5,281. Users can query through the blockchain browser to ensure openness and transparency.

Application scenarios: AS a COSOSWAP ecosystem, COSO NFT has been applied to many scenarios, such as using COSO NFT to participate in NFT Launchpad (buy low, sell high and enjoy income), protection mechanism (asset redemption), internal test rewards, recycling guarantee, etc.

Value: The initial issue price of COSO NFT 199 USDT and the floor price increase to 230.65% on March 2022.

Repurchase mechanism๏ผš

1.COSO NFT supports no-reason asset redemption, users can redeem 100% of their assets.

2. After COSO NFT participates in the issuance of NFT Launchpad assets, the platform starts the asset protection mechanism, and users can redeem 100% of the assets.

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