Token Distribution

COSO NFT Staking:30%
LP Farm:30%
Recommendation Plan:2%
Emergency preparedness reserve:25%

Details of COSO NFT Staking-30%

Stake COSO NFT in COSOD get COT, share 80% of the total output pool, and COSO DAO to share 20% of the total output pool.
l APR Calculation:(price of COT*The total number of COT staking in one year)/(Staking votes*floor price of COSO NFT), the APR of head mining can reach 30000%+。The APR is calculated based on the block output, and the on-chain data is open and transparent.
l The more COSO NFTs you staked, the more return you will get

LP Farm Rules-30%

Create LP to mine COT on the farm, release in real time, no lock-up rules

Mining Invitation Rules - 2%

Invite friends to FARM, Launchpad, NFT transactions, Token transactions, and win COT for both parties
Invite with invitation code - get and generate 0.8 hashrate
The invitation code provider can obtain and generate 0.2 hashrate