The trading function refers to exchanging one currency for another. COSOSWAP uses a collective liquidity pool, which is convenient for users to trade transactions. The platform supports K-line display
Any transaction you make on COSOSWAP will be debited and processed directly from your wallet. You don't need to trust anyone, your tokens don't go through anyone's hands during the transaction.
Guidance (APP)
It is easy to swap on COSOSWAP, 3steps to complete: connect wallet-choose the trading pair- confirm the transaction. In order to be able to exchange on COSOSWAP, you need to install a wallet first.(link)
Operation tutorial
Step 1. Connect the wallet
After the installation of the wallet (we take [TP wallet] as an example). Click "Discover" in TP wallet as showed in the picture to search "coso.finance" for authorization, and automatically jump to the COSOSWAP transaction page. After entering the trading page, you can click "Exchange" to start trading.
Step 2. Select trading pair
For example: Buy BNB with USDT, click the Button(as showed in the picture) to select the token that you are going to trade.
Step 3. Confirm transaction
While you are in the transaction page, you need to enter the amount that you are going to swap. click [Swap] to conduct the transaction, and [Confirm Swap] again (after clicking, the wallet will automatically pop up [Authorization] and pay the fee.)
Note: Your wallet must have enough BNB to cover gas fee before exchanging.