๐Ÿช™NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad is the core function of COSOSWAP, which features a protection mechanism for users. NFT Launchpad adopts a fair and participatory approach to asset issuance. After the NFT Launchpad ends, the platform will open the user asset protection mechanism, and users can redeem 100% of their assets.

COSOSWAP is the first DEX with the function of [User Protection Mechanism]

COSOSWAP Triple Protection

1.COSO NFT protection mechanism: Unconditionally repurchased by Cososwap

2. NFT Launchpad protection: users can buy at the lowest cost, trade at a high price in the market and enjoy high returns.

3. NFT protection for snap-up purchases: double choice for users โ‘  Profitable sale โ‘ก Price break repurchases


1. Click "Discover" in TP wallet as showed in the picture to search "coso.finance" for authorization, and automatically return to the COSOSWAP

2. After returning to the COSO homepage, โ‘ click [Launchpad] to turn automatically โ‘กclick the [Check] button to start participating

3. Click [Buy] after the snap-up time, and you can buy a few project NFTs by locking COSO NFT (The picture below shows the lock-up COSO NFT purchase channel)

Whitelist users need to click [Whitelist] to enter the whitelist channel for snap-up purchases

4. After clicking the [Panic buying] button, the system authorizes the deduction of GAS fees and the projectโ€™s snap-up assets, just follow the steps.

Fragmentation Tutorial (The NFT can be fragmented If the project makes profit , or the project can be recycled if the price below the issue price)

1. Click "Avatar icon" in the upper right corner of the home page to turn to my NFT page, and find and grab NFT on this page (see the following figure for operation).

2. Click [my NFT] and turn to the fragmentation page. Click ]

3. After the fragmentation is successful, you can check the token in your wallet and then go to [home page] for transactions.

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