๐ŸŒŠAdd/Delete Liquidity

What is liquidity?

Liquidity is the core of DEX. Without liquidity, traders would not be able to exchange tokens. Without sufficient liquidity, traders will suffer huge price shocks/slips.

Add liquidity

Anyone can add liquidity to the pool, and there is no minimum amount required. In this document, we demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to add liquidity to the BNB/USDT liquidity pool. The same logic applies to other pools of liquidity.


Go to the liquidity page to add liquidity, select the token to add liquidity, BNB and USDT, and then input the amount of the token. After confirming, click "Liquidity" to provide. (As shown below, operate in numerical order)

Delete Liquidity


Click (avatar button) and enter the โ€œLiquidity" function to view the assets that are providing liquidity and continue to add liquidity according to your own needs, or delete liquidity in proportion or 100%, and click "Remove" to exit liquidity. Finally reconfirm in your wallet and wait to receive your token balance. (As shown below, operate in numerical order)

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