๐ŸŒˆNFT Market

NFT trading market supports users to use any token of the public chain in which NFT is located to sell or buy by listing, thus solving the current problems of NFT liquidity and low turnover rate. And order book transactions also support peer-to-peer NFT orders.

NFT market tutorial

Example: How to buy COSO NFT, the tutorial is also suitable for purchasing other NFT.

Click [NFT] on the home page to jump to NFT trading market, find COSO NFT and click the picture to jump to the purchase page, and click [Triangle] button on the purchase page to filter the lowest price.

Filter the currency that you are going to trade, then click [Tokens] to filter the lowest price, find a lowest price to purchase and pay. (After clicking the buy button, the wallet will automatically pop up [Authorization] and pay USDT and BNB gas fees, just press the pop-up window to operate.)

Note: Please ensure sufficient funds before purchasing. If NFT is issued based on BSC, the transaction will be charged BNB gas fee.

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