๐Ÿ”ฆSmart Contract Detection Tool

A tool for smart contracts to automatically detect security risks, using Solidify technical support to standardize and score smart contract risks and generate detailed reference reports.

Supports the detection of basic information, position information, and the risk monitoring technology to detect the lock status of the pool, whether there is blacklist trading restrictions, whether to abandon administrator rights, whether there is a possibility of additional issuance and the possibility of malicious issuance and smashing, Pixiu detection, More than 10 kinds of intelligent detections such as whether there is a potential upgrade and replacement risk for the proxy contract, whether there is a whitelist, whether the slippage rate can be modified, etc.

The contract detection is only for the user as a reference, not as the basis for the final judgment of the contract. We will help you determine whether a smart contract is a scam, but cannot provide 100% guarantee.

Cososwap market K-line tool and other tools will be launched soon, so stay tuned...

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