๐Ÿ”„Pending Order Transaction

What is pending order?

The original pending order transaction based on the verification protocol of the order book matching system can provide the whale users with secure on-chain exchange point-to-point, lift the restrictions on the token ratio and starting price, and support the sharing function.

Order market: The data of all users' pending orders, showing the peer-to-peer pending order transactions. Note: Only the data of the current network, switching networks may cause data changes

The pending order is a highlight of the COSOSWAP, which is equivalent to OTC. If you have a relatively large asset to trade, and the general pool cannot complete your transaction, you can use the pending order function. Currently, USDT is supported. That is, you can choose how much USDT to sell at what price, and the order will be seen and confirmed by others. The entire transaction process is implemented by on-chain contracts to achieve financial security

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