MetaMask is the most popular hot wallet, which can be used on both PC and APP and supports multiple blockchain networks.

Download and Install Operational Tutorial (PC)

1. Click to download MetaMask. It is recommended to use Google browser to download and install. After the installation is complete, you can see a fox avatar at the top of your browser

2. After adding the MetaMask extension to the Chrome browser, the next step is to create an account. If you do not have an existing address, you can create a new address or import your existing address.

3. We click on custom, and then add BSC network to create a wallet.

To add the Binance Smart Chain network, click the drop-down menu arrow, and then click Custom RPC

4. Fill in the Binance Smart Chain network parameters, the parameters are as follows:

๏ผˆ1๏ผ‰Network name: Smart chain

๏ผˆ2๏ผ‰New RPC URL: chain

๏ผˆ3๏ผ‰ID: 56

๏ผˆ4๏ผ‰Currency symbol: BNB

๏ผˆ5๏ผ‰Block browser URL:

In the last step, after configuring and adding the smart chain, you can now connect to your MetaMask wallet on


Create a new wallet-set a wallet password (please remember)-private backup mnemonics.

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